“Not only do I love, love, love my bag, but working with Raquel was a lot of fun.”

(Boho Bucket Bag)



“I’m very happy with this beautiful beanie. Also, fast shipping and a very considerate seller!”

grey knit beret

(Chunky Beanie Hat)


“I love my new wallet. It holds everything I need, it’s well made, and I like the colors. Everything was communicated to me clearly and the wallet came to me from across the Atlantic in a very timely fashion. Thank you so much!”


(Women’s Brown Trifold Wallet)


“The wallet is simply amazing. Made with care and super light. It’s exactly what I was looking for!”

women turquoise denim washable wallet

(Womens Turquoise Denim Trifold Wallet)


“Lovely gloves. Purhchased these as a gift for my wife. As soon as they came in she was in love with them and proceeded to wear them out the next day. Beautiful work, lovely material, an outstanding gift, and Raquel was very responsive to questions when I asked them.”


(Knit Fingerless Gloves in Lilac and Grey)


“Waves Infinity Knit Scarf. The scarf I ordered is beautifully crafted. The details are amazing. I’m excited about wearing this beautiful accessory once the weather changes.”

waves red infinity scarf for her

(Waves Infinity Knit Scarf)


“Absolutely perfect for my needs! It’s so hard to find a modestly-sized but not totally minimal wallet, and the coin pocket being accessible from the outside while still streamlined is a major plus. And, this piece is well-made and gorgeous. Love the colours! Thanks so much!”

men blue navy bilfold wallet

(Mens Blue and Yellow Billfold Wallet)



“I love this fabric! This is a great bag! Thank you! :)”

yellow summer tote bag

(Yellow Flowery Tote Bag and Small Purse Set)


“Greaat quality in the details!! Very nice!!”


(Womens Flowery Corduroy Boho Wallet)


“Excellent quality! Really smooth feel! Very handy!”


(Men’s Plaid Wallet in Black and Green)