The Multicolor Scarf GIVEAWAY!

It's giveaway time! Win this unique Multicolor Knit Scarf and stay warm and comfy all Winter. Read below everything about this giveaway and then enter here ➡  LET ME IN! Starts on November 10th, and ends on November 17th 2018. Check out the Multicolor Knit Scarf features: - Winter knit cowl - Dappled yarn in white, purple, … Continue reading The Multicolor Scarf GIVEAWAY!

Are in for some purples?

Although I am a Summer human being, I love the comfort of winter knits. From warm sweaters to scarves and beanie hats, I love knitting and seeing the most amazing things come out of my needles! Today I just finished a knit beanie in shades of purples and greens, so tomorrow I will take the … Continue reading Are in for some purples?