These new wallets are rocking!

What best gift to give to your best friend other than a wallet? It was with that in mind that I started imagining this new line of handpainted denim wallets. First I came up with some designs like one with an animal print, or another with a pair of these super cute owls! Next, it … Continue reading These new wallets are rocking!


Are in for some purples?

Although I am a Summer human being, I love the comfort of winter knits. From warm sweaters to scarves and beanie hats, I love knitting and seeing the most amazing things come out of my needles! Today I just finished a knit beanie in shades of purples and greens, so tomorrow I will take the … Continue reading Are in for some purples?

Christmas Dinner! 🍸

Have you thought about your shopping list for Christmas dinner? There are so many wonderful recipes to dazzle your guests! Here are some recipes that I have chosen for this Christmas: Get more Christmas recipes inspirations from my Pinterest Christmas Album here: Christmas! An now that I've shared with you great Christmas ideas, don't forget to follow me so … Continue reading Christmas Dinner! 🍸