Not only do we like to have beautiful and healthy skin, but we also like our hair to look great. Here are some basic, but important, tips for a healthy-looking hair.

1 – Choose washing hair products indicated for your hair type
Know your hair type, if it’s dry, normal, oily, curly, smooth, etc., and choose the right products for your hair.
If you need, ask your hairdresser for help. That way, you will get the best out of the products you buy.

2 – Use the conditioner correctly
Conditioners are formulated to seal in the moisture in your hair strands. They are not made for the scalp. Put it about 2 inches away from your scalp. If you use conditioner on the scalp, you’ll get an oily scalp, and maybe cause dandruff as well.

3 – Avoid using a very hot water
Avoid washing your hair with very hot water. Hot water damages your hair in general. Choose to wash with warm water or, if you have the courage, with cold water, as this helps a lot to develop the natural shine of the hair.

4 – Dry your hair carefully
After washing, dry your hair gently, without rubbing it. Wet hair is more fragile so it gets easily broken.
Avoid using the hair dryer, but if you have to, try to use it on the cold temperature, and with the right hair protectant cream. This will keep your hair shaft from getting dry and frizzy.

5 – Don’t touch your hair extensively
We love to have our hair looking great, but we touch it a lot, and so it gets oily quickly. Try not to touch your hair often and you’ll see that in the long run you’ll notice the best results.
Wear a headband to hold your hair, avoiding to touch so much your hair to remove it from your face.

6 – Protect your hair
Always protect your hair from sunlight, wind and rain. Excessive exposure to the sun, heat, pollution, etc., increases the already existent hair problems. These can lead to accumulation of dirt and scalp dryness, increasing scalp infections. Wear a hat, an umbrella, or even a wrap.

7 – Have a healthy diet
Having a healthy diet will contribute very much to have a beautiful and healthy hair. You should eat fruit and vegetables every day. Also, drink at least 2 liters of water per day, and avoid foods with excess fat and sugars.

One habit I got a few years ago, is to use an old cotton t-shirt to dry off the excess water at the end of the bath. The regular bath towels are very stiff and end up breaking and make the hair frizzy. I have curly hair and since I started using a cotton t-shirt, my curls are much more defined 😉

Keep these habits and you’ll certainly have a gorgeous hair.


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