Today I’m going to tell you about a beach near me: Supertubos beach, located in Peniche (Portugal).

Supertubos beach, Peniche (Portugal)

This is a beach where I go quite often in the Summer and this beach has officially opened my 2016 bathing season!

If the name sounds familiar, you may have heard about it in the world surfing circuit (WSL), which attracts many surfers and tourists. And today this beach gave me inspiration for the future creations that I will have at my online shop – NOTON by Raquel.

In Peniche, the Supertubos beach is one of the several beaches that exist. Since Peniche is located on a peninsula, it has beaches on both sides and so it’s great for the practice of water sports, generally if there are no waves on one side of Peniche, it sure are on the other side!

If you ever come to Portugal make sure you visit this town by the sea.

Supertubos beach, Peniche (Portugal)

Today was a beautiful day at the beach!


See you,



PS – Follow me and get to know more about where I live. Did you know that there’s an island here?


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