The boho style is very trending, it can be worn has a complete look or just in some details, and many of us have pieces of this style in our wardrobe.

The boho style is the perfect combination of several styles, such as romantic, folk and hippie with some ethnic and even vintage details!

Boho style is based on simple parts, light colors, with plenty of lace and shallow sandals, while the boho-chic style also bets in more vibrant colors, fabrics with details like fringes and embroideries.

To have a boho look bet on female, elegant and fluid pieces. Fabrics are generally lace, silks and cottons.

Sometimes it may not be very easy to combine the various pieces necessary to have this style, but with a few tips you will get that much desired look!
Here are some boho style outfits for inspiration:

Still, you can always wear only some boho style pieces combining them with a pair of jeans and a blouse to give just a boho appointment!

And of course, this style doesn’t only apply to clothing, as it is a lifestyle you can also find it in home decoration, etc.


If you want to find more inspiration follow my Boho Pinterest board here: Boho Style!


Wishing you a Boho weekend,




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