This year Pantone chose a green color for the 2017 color. It’s called Greenery (as you already have heard) and the choice of this color was for being a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade”, evoking the beginning of spring when nature is reborn and rejuvenated.


Like nature, through its green leaves, this color inspires us to take a deep breath and absorb all the oxygen and new energy it transmits.

This color also symbolizes the spirit we live in today, in which the harmony of urban planning, architecture, and lifestyle is present.


If you’re a fan of this color, and love to include it in your everyday lifestyle, here are some accessories perfect for you:

Check out these accessories here:

🌿 Green Crochet Denim Clutch
🌿 Green Crochet Scarf
🌿 Garden Blossoms Collection


Have a very Greenery season,



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