Fall Winter 2017.18 collection!

Fall Winter 2017.18 collection is here, and what's IN in this next season? While comfy knits are still in the trends, now you can add that sense of fun with vibrant and metallic colors, that will bright those grey days, mixed with stripes and flowery patterns! And don't find weird if you also see some … Continue reading Fall Winter 2017.18 collection!

Greenery – 2017 color!

This year Pantone chose a green color for the 2017 color. It's called Greenery (as you already have heard) and the choice of this color was for being a "fresh and zesty yellow-green shade", evoking the beginning of spring when nature is reborn and rejuvenated. Like nature, through its green leaves, this color inspires us … Continue reading Greenery – 2017 color!