In pandemic times, when many people are forced to be at home, not being able to have the day-to-day life that we were all used to, it’s important to try to live as healthy as possible, whether physical or mental.

Physical exercise has many benefits, not only for the body, but also for mental health, it reduces anxiety and also helps to improve our concentration and asleep, strengthening the immune system.

With gyms closed, the solution is to exercise at home, or when possible, outdoors, going for a run or a walk. The important thing is to remain active. If you want ideas for physical exercises at home, visit my Fitness album on pinterest and practice with moderation.

VERY IMPORTANT: if you had covid, ask your doctor first to advise you on what exercises you can do. Although you are no longer infected, your body is still recovering and you will not be able to make the physical efforts you were used to before.

Also consult the WHO website and see all the information given.

Now, if you want to be in style when exercising (you know it always helps to be perfect), check out the offers at CoastLand Streetwear, a brand for active Men & Women!

Stay safe,


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