Surely you have heard of Feng Shui, but did you know that it is much more than a way to decorate your home?

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that originated in imperial China and seeks to organize the space in your home, work, etc., so that harmony and organization provide you with peace of mind, ward off bad energy and attract prosperity.

Feng Shui means wind (feng) and water (shui). The so-called “Qi“, which is described as a vital energy, plays these two crucial elements, wind and water.

The home is harmonized based on five elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Wood and Metal. The Air element is also present in all of these five elements.

And to support the well-being of any space, it is important to understand the Yin-Yang theory on a practical and simple level.
Yin is the passive energy (the relaxation energy you need to live your life in a calm way. It is in the calm colors around you, in the music or soft and pleasant sounds, in relaxing images, in the calm, etc.), and Yang it is active energy (the energy expressed in strong and vibrant sounds and colors, bright lights, upward energy, tall plants, in agitation, etc.).
Yin-Yang energies cannot exist in isolation. They coexist and one defines the other. A home with Feng Shui needs to have a harmonious relationship to the rhythms of these active and passive energies (Yin and Yang).

However, to really know what Feng Shui is, it’s necessary to understand that this technique explains and proposes ways to “manipulate” the energies present in your home, renewing them, eliminating the bad ones and stimulating the good ones.
For this, there is a tool, the Baguá. Baguá is an octagon consisting of eight sides, which in Feng Shui is applied to building plans, identifying and relating each area of your house to all areas of your life. We can call it a map, that will show you which areas of your home should be harmonized to improve certain areas of your life.

A tip for applying Feng Shui in the decoration, is to keep something that represents each element of Feng Shui in each room of the house.

Are you interested in learning more about Feng Shui? I leave you here the keywords to start your search:

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