Fruit dessert (or parfait, if you wish) 🍓

One of my favorite desserts, which can also serve as a breakfast, is yogurt with fruit and cereal. It's very easy and quick to make, tasty, and always healthy... (well, depending on the ingredients used!). This delight (aka parfait) is prepared in layers of yogurt, muesli and fruit. I usually make it with plain yogurt, … Continue reading Fruit dessert (or parfait, if you wish) 🍓


Christmas Dinner! 🍸

Have you thought about your shopping list for Christmas dinner? There are so many wonderful recipes to dazzle your guests! Here are some recipes that I have chosen for this Christmas: Get more Christmas recipes inspirations from my Pinterest Christmas Album here: Christmas! An now that I've shared with you great Christmas ideas, don't forget to follow me so … Continue reading Christmas Dinner! 🍸

Raspberry Pavlova

The weekend is approaching  and sweet desserts are calling for me, and as the plans are spending the day on the sewing machine finishing the bags that are already cut, evening must be sweeeet! The dessert I found for this weekend is a recipe that I love: Raspberry Pavlova. A pavlova is basically a big meringue that after done is stuffed … Continue reading Raspberry Pavlova